Lets talk about my Wife for a second. While I explore my talents in photography and videography, my wife flexes her culinary muscles in the form of awesome cakes! This weekend she busted her butt to make a construction cake for my cousins three year old, Meric!

She found inspiration, not for the outside decoration, but on the inside! A Facebook cooking video showed a way to make the inside look like caution tape and it turned out awesome! She was worried it wouldn't come across, but the kids immediately recognized it. The smile on the kids and the adults faces really reflected how much work she put into it. It was also DELICIOUS! I know because the plate was SPOONED CLEAN! Crazy!

This is a huge step for her. Not only does she put alot of effort into her cakes creativity, but she does it with an already busy schedule. She works hard in all aspects of her life and it shows. Each of her creations present different challenges and I don't know how, but she keeps up with them and finds a way to up her creativity. Below are some of her other great creations. If you need a cake or even cupcake, Visit: Cakes By Steph