I am a dog person through and through. I'm "That Guy" who looks for and hangs out with the dog at a party. I even have my first dog on my debit card! So when I have a chance to take photos with a dog, I jump at the opportunity! Enter co-worker Ondrea. She brings her dog Barley in some Fridays and he romps around and says hello to everyone! When she asked about doing portraits with her and Barley, I couldn't say yes fast enough!

Barley's ammount of puppy energy, means he hardly stands still!

Barley is a one year old furry ball of energy and curiosity! Her energy posed a challenge when it came to...well posing. Yet his curiosity got the best of him when he heard the shutter of the camera and he would look directly at me! So the first couple of shots are him looking for new adventures, but then he locks eyes with the camera and perfecto! I was worried with him being so white, If I could separate him from a wintry day, but an early morning at Celery Flats in Kalamazoo solved that problem!

What's that sound coming from?

Below are some of my favorite shots from the shoot! Although this post concentrated on Barley, Ondrea was nearly flawless with her great sense of style and a knack for a beautiful smile! If you would like portraits with your furry friend, feel free to contact me anytime!

Thanks for all the Likes, Love, and Shares!