With a new year, comes new goals. Yet this year feels...different. Not bad, on the contrary, I feel good things are coming this way. Which trust me, feels odd with recent events. This year included my conclusion of being employed at Charter. Making commercials was a lot of fun, but it came with its own set of challenges of trying to be creative but being under a corporate umbrella. No hard feelings though! The time I had at charter really helped build my confidence and really confirm that I DO have skills and they are useful!

I plan to bring this new found confidence head first into 2017. My goals, while simple, will take alot of work to accomplish.

  • Expand My Freelance Business - I hope to be able to use my Photo and video capabilities to help more people accomplish what they want and need, and to spread more satisfaction to my current and future clients!
  • Work towards being a full time Photographer/Videographer - This does not have a specific track, but my overall goal is to make a living being a photographer along with doing video and working for myself. For now that means working a day job until THAT gets in the way of me living a better and more satisfying life!
  • Create everyday - Be it for business or for fun, I want to be able to create everyday. Photo, Video, sketch, anything creative. I also have to convince myself, I don't have to do this alone! I can collaborate and find success in that too!
  • Make Artful Photography For an Art hop - This is a little more concrete, but I tried to showcase my photography once and it was well received, but I was told it was not really "art." While it was beautiful and technically well put together, it didn't have a theme or a message. I think I can do that and I just need to plan it out and work on it!

I am very thankful for all of you that read these blogs and compliment the photos. It really drives me and makes me want to get better and serve better! To begin 2017, I want to look back at all the fun I had, capturing moments and delivering smiles! Thank you and have a fantastic 2017!

Thanks for all the Likes, Love and Shares!