The weather in michigan...well it's weather. It's not very predictable, and in kalamazoo, rain and snow are abundant. It has felt like fall has just begun but also coming to a rapid close. So I was eager for a chance to take some photos outside. In comes Trent. I have known him since my charter days doing commercials for mattress mart. He is always upbeat and very witty. When I left charter I gave him my business card and said if he ever needed senior portraits for his girls, I would love to help him out!



That time has come! I had a wonderful time exploring downtown kalamazoo, and really trying to get a lay of the land while getting good portraits. These twins were not shy, and they embraced any type of direction I had. Some of my favorites downtown came from their request of these light bulbs draped across an alley on the Kalamazoo Mall.



Our second shoot took a lot of coordination and crossing fingers. It had been raining for almost 4 straight days, but we found our opening and headed to the Delano Farm, to do some awesome fall time portraits. One of the biggest challenges was that we arrived a half hour before close, so we had to explore but quickly.



After the farm closed, we started a journey for a great tunnel of trees and color. It took exactly 5 seconds to find the perfect spot, just outside the gates. I got to add that little bit of color and really wrap the portrait session up. I had a great time getting to know this family more and more and I wish the girls luck in their future endeavors!



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