Every Wednesday, I head up to Dr. Grins in Grand Rapids to record comedians sets for the Funniest Person in Grand Rapids Competition. I really enjoy doing this because I get to see old comedy friends and see how they have improved over the years!

Recently, Michael Burd asked for me to do his portraits while he was in Michigan competing. This was going to prove difficult due to the severe weather and because it was at night, so natural light was not going to be an option. Yet I always love a challenge and feel that I can do well no matter what my surroundings are!

With the help of Travis Spotts, Matt Harper, and Steve Pierce, the pictures turned out great! Burd (as he is often referred to as) Needed some over the top smiling ones along with some general portraits. You can see the rest of the photos in the slideshow below! Thank you Burd for trusting me with your portraits and if you need portraits done, feel free to contact me and we will work something out!


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