Let's face it. As creative people, validation is amazing. Even if it's from somebody who is almost 100% obligated to say so. Recently I had two of my food photography pictures used as the cover photo for two separate articles on food!

This picture was taken for Sporty's Wing Shack in Saginaw while I was working for charter. The owner had alot of energy and really believed in his food! This has to be one of my favorite pictures I have taken to date just for the sheer technical prowess I was able to flex and really show my employer that I had some great photo skills.

This article really made my heart skip a beat. Discover Kalamazoo is a great social media company that really highlights this town I've grown to love. So for them to use a photo I did for Chau haus really blew me away. I had always hoped I would make it onto their website, and now my new goal is to be on there much more.

I kinda wish that both articles gave me credit for the photos, but I totally understand that those photos are now the property of those businesses to do with whatever they choose!

If you or someone you know needs food, or any other type of photography, feel free to contact me and get the ball rolling!

Thanks for all the likes, love, and shares!