I am so thankful from my relationships I have formed all over Kalamazoo. One of these amazing relationships is with the Kalamazoo comedy scene. Ashley Stommen approached me for doing photography for the Cosplay show and the "Adult Prom" she was organizing. I was familiar with and adult prom, and along with a comedy show, it was for a sure going to be a new experience for me.  And boy was it a BLAST!

I may not have been able to stay for the after party, but the show was awesome and the people doing the photo booth were so fun! Here a few of my favorite photos! If you need a photo booth, please feel free to contact me!

I also experimented with my favorite angle at Louies. Comic through his beer! This is Andrew Van Houten. If you don't know this wonderful man, he is a highly intelligent pilot man who has things AND is one of my favorite people. Take a look!