That's right! I got to do a photo shoot for a magazine! Specifically Revue of West Michigan! My friend Rachel Harper (Of Rachel Harper Design), who made my business cards, told me they needed a photographer in the Kalamazoo area and put me into contact with her boss.

One thing lead to another and...BOOM! I got to have a wonderful portrait session with the wonderful Rhea. Rhea is an opera singer who teaches at Western Michigan. But in 2000 moved from the Caribbean to the U.S. One thing I get nervous about is posing. I want to make sure everything looks good but I also don't want the subject to be uncomfortable. She made it look easy! With my direction of "be comfortable" which is little direction at best, she nailed it. I love to capture people where they are themselves.


When it came down to it, she seemed most comfortable when she was singing. This shoot was so special because I not only got to do something I love in photography, but I got to experience someone doing what they love doing, what they have put so many hours to honing, and now have the pleasure to teach others to do the same.


Here are some more photos from the session! You can also read more about her in the article on Page 50 in the following link!  Revue August Issue

Thanks for all the Likes, Love and Shares!