Ok so maybe there is no flying, but geeks and nerds love other geeks and nerds! Meghan is one of the first people I met when I got into Magic the Gathering. Not for playing, but for her artwork! Since then she has made me a few special altered tokens that I absolutely love!

We decided to make a "Trade." She would alter a wolf token I had to make it a zombie and I would take some pictures of her artwork! I was doing research to see what the best way to do so until she then asked for head shots instead! I was looking forward to the challenge (And I plan to take those pictures later) but also a little relieved to do something that im comfortable with and to get to have fun with it as well.

Her hair is SO cool.

Some models you want to be as professional as possible to give off the right impression. And then you have friends like Meghan who makes you feel so comfortable in your own skin that you try to bring out your creative skills. Also being goofy is fun!

Doing some experiments!

Doing some experiments!

She was FLAWLESS! She did great with being herself and really taking direction well. I sometimes take the long road when it comes to getting to the point, but she was patient and upbeat!


 I also would like to thank my lovely wife for helping me during the shoot. Hold the camera when I tried to get into funky spots and carrying the camera bag on our mini hike. SHE RULES!

This shoot was so fun and I can't thank Meghan enough for going with the flow and having fun on a sunday!

Thanks for all the Likes, Love, and Shares!