You might recognize these two from another recent shoot. This one to be specific.


I loved taking their photos so much, I made sure to email them to let them know that wherever their wedding was, I would be available. Neither Mike nor Jen are native to Roanoke, so I wanted to let them know I would go anywhere! Shortly thereafter, I was asked for my availability. Mike works in construction and moves wherever the big projects are. The next job is in Atlanta and Jen is moving with him sooo… time to get married! They were very accommodating; I already had a busy week booked up and they scheduled their courthouse ceremony around me. I am very grateful for their flexibility and their desire to allow me to continue telling their story. Next step, photos of the ceremony!

Except not. Turns out I couldn’t bring my camera into the courthouse without previous judge authorization. So that was my mistake, but now I know! To be honest it wasn’t a great place for photos. It was a great little office, but very dark and cramped. Shortly after the ceremony, it was time for an ADVENTURE!


We started our adventure in front of the courthouse. Despite the filthy steps I had to clean up, I wanted to really capture where it happened, and the emotions are palpable. I wanted to make sure that energy was still fresh. To be honest though, that energy never faded.


We then jetted on over to The Patrick Henry. Jen recommended this place for its great ballroom with a huge fireplace. It also had big open windows that let in wonderful natural light. There is also a cool little entrance with couches on either side. A great spot for an intimate atmosphere.


From there our heroes trekked to the Taubman Museum of Art. Jen had called ahead, so we were met by a rep who gave me a short list of rules and gave me some great ideas. My favorite part of the Museum were the lit up stairs. It looks so cool in person, and it was another unique light source to play with. I really want to go back and play with them some more.


This was also the home to my favorite shot of the day. This just feels like them, relaxed in each other’s presence and just happy to be with each other, basking in the moment.


To cap off the evening we went to the rooftop of the Center in the Square building. It has a spectacular 360-degree view of downtown Roanoke and has some beautiful spiraling stairs.

I am so happy that Mike and Jen trusted me with their special moments, and I wish them all the best in their new adventure in Atlanta.

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The Patrick Henry:

Taubman Museum of Art:

Center in the Square:

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