When I first met Lizzy and Kevin, I saw a very charismatic couple. In fact I was told that Kevin has trouble smiling for photos and blinks a lot. Yet when we started shooting, he not only had no problem smiling, he was great at taking direction.


Every couple is different when it comes to direction. Some just take the reins while others really prefer more guidance. Lizzy and Kevin were, in my eyes, a perfect mix of the two. I’d ask for a general pose/location, and they would take it from there. They were also experts at ribbing each other, which I thoroughly enjoyed.


We started our day on the roof of Center in the Square, one of my favorite locations in the city. It has a great 360-degree view of the center of town. The weather was very much on our side and I love how the mountains peek out of the horizon any way you look!

Lizzy had on some GREAT shoes, but I made the mistake of not getting more pictures with them in it! Just believe me, they were fabulous! She also had this amazing tote bag. I love puns!


The next part of our shoot took us to a very unconventional location. There is a wide open field in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Valley View Mall, right next to Shakers, a casual chain restaurant. It has a great view of the mountains and happens to face the best direction for photos with some “flare” Get it? Like flair but the other kind. You get it.

After the field we hastily headed over to Roanoke Mountain. We were running out of daylight, but I really wanted to get a couple shots at my favorite spot in the area.

This shoot was months in the making. Picking dates, time of day, and locations. It’s couples like Lizzy and Kevin, who trusted me to capture their moments and story, that really drive me to keep going.

Thanks for all the likes, love and shares!