I have the distinct pleasure of being Cassidy and Kyle’s wedding photographer in February. When I first met these two, they seemed quite reserved. As we were just meeting for the first time, at a starbucks, I admit there may not have been much to be excited about. But when we got together for their couples session, they blossomed!


For this couples session, we split up the shoot to hit both the morning and evening light. In the morning we explored Virginia Tech’s Duck Pond, and in the afternoon/evening we hit a couple of my favorite Roanoke spots!

Once I arrived at our meeting point, with a day-old biscuit providing a quick breakfast, Cassidy, Kyle, and I set off for our morning excursion.


As some of you may know, I worked traffic/parking on game days back in college. The day of our shoot happened to fall on a gameday and I was not optimistic for our chances to find a good place to park, even with Cassidy's faculty badge. In my time of traffic/parking, faculty passes meant nothing on gameday. Sure enough our first encounter went like this:

“Do you have a pass?”

“Yes, a faculty pass.”

“Good enough, I don’t care”

Did I try too hard at my job back then? We will never know! After we parked we had discovered we were nowhere near the Duck Pond we were trying to go to. As Cassidy and Kyle were trying to collaborate to find the spot, I found this awning that had some really cool textures. I like trying to find a location that is interesting but also away from our initial objective to get a feel on how the couple connects and how much direction they will need. This is where I first saw these two blossom, they were comfortable with each other and really enjoyed joking around with each other.

We got back in the car for a short drive to our destination. As with most of my shoots, we walk around to see what we can see. The first thing I noticed was a big pile of leaves! The sun was shining and I have always wanted to get a great throwing leaves shot. We didn’t get the shot I was hoping for BUT Kyle made new friends!

“Do you know those people?”

Kyle waving - “Now I do, we’re friends now, HI!”


With this interaction I should not of been surprised to get this gem of a picture. Seriously this had me almost on the floor laughing. I just heard Kyle dancing, you read that right, I heard it!


We kept walking around the pond, finding spots as we went. Here are some of my favorites!

We had seen a gaggle of ducks approach a family earlier in our walk, but as we got closer and that family left, the ducks found a new “target” as you can see above.


Later that day, we met at Charter Hall in Roanoke so I could scout out the venue and Cassidy and Kyle could wrap up the last little details. I took this wide picture in hopes to recreate it on their wedding day with a full ballroom!


This is where our heroes hit a few bumps in the road. The first place I wanted to go to was the Center in the Square rooftop, but that was closed for a private event. No matter, onward! We then went to the open field right next to Shaker's. I love this spot when the sun sets on the field, with the mountains in the background. What I had forgotten was our proximity to the airport. Once I heard the plane coming in, I believe my exact words were “AH BACK TO POSITIONS!” I’m very glad I got the shot!

My favorite sunset spot is Roanoke mountain, which is exactly 20 minutes away from the Shaker’s parking lot. 20 minutes later, I find out the road is closed. I was so upset. Cassidy and Kyle trusted me to have everything figured out and I hit strike two. Yet, I had another idea, so we turned around and headed back down the road one mile. As I turned the corner at the field that I had in mind, I saw that  the sun was just setting on the crests of the mountains and the light was perfect. I quickly pulled over and got shooting. These are my favorite pictures of the day. I still think the rest of the day yielded good results, but these were just perfect and it reflects the beauty of this relationship.

I was so thrilled to experience Cassidy and Kyle as a couple and see them for who they truly are. I am so lucky to have them choose me as their photographer so that I can show others the love that they share.

Thanks for all the likes, love and shares!