My mom was an amazing cook. She would read cookbooks like novels and always had a thirst for trying new things. She wasn’t one to “specialize” in any specific kind of cuisine, she tried it all. I am certain that I get my drive to try new things from her. Even though she passed away when I was young, her passion for food lives on through her kids. All of my siblings have a knack for cooking and love doing it. I also think it is why I am so drawn to Food Photography.

Vegetarian Stir Fry - Chau Haus - Kalamazoo, MI

Vegetarian Stir Fry - Chau Haus - Kalamazoo, MI

Food as a subject is very diverse. It can have many different colors, textures, shapes, sizes, arrangements, meanings, and so much more. We all need to eat after all! So after a great talk from Rooted to Thrive mentor Pat Cori, I decided to make a push to promote and enhance my food photography.

The first step was to get a second Instagram account (@TayloredFood). The goal was anytime I made food, I would take a picture of it and practice my food styling. Here are a few of those photos!

I also try and take pictures of whatever baked goods my wife Steph makes, like those pretzel Christmas trees pictured above! I am hoping to use this Instagram and my website to be creative and gather clients who want to show off their culinary creations!

As if on cue, I checked Craigslist for any extra gigs and found that a company was looking for freelance food photographers. Hey! I’m a freelance food photographer! It turned out to be a gig for Uber Eats! They offer their clients a photo shoot to add on their listing and show off their food. It is a perfect side gig for me. They use my google calendar to schedule shoots and they require a photo called a “hero” which is a styled photo with multiple food items.

Fiesta Tapatia in Forest, VA

Fiesta Tapatia in Forest, VA

This will help me practice my food styling while also getting myself in front of clientele that I hope to cater to in the future. Some of the challenges I have already faced are lighting setups that are meant to look like they are in a big open window. The one above was taken at 7:00 PM in a dim dining room with a comfortable atmosphere.

Here are some of my favorite dishes that I have photographed just in December!

Pictured Above:

Fiesta Tapatia - Arroz Con Pollo:

T&E Catering - Grilled Chicken Spring Salad and Hero Image:

Beer 88 - Mac Attack Burger:

Champloo Desserts - S’mores:

Duck Donuts - Maple Bacon Donut:

I am ecstatic about this new freelance gig and I cannot wait to shoot more!

Stay tuned to my Instagram for more culinary adventures!

Thank you for all the Likes, Love and Shares!