One of the things I heard most upon telling people I was moving to Virginia was how beautiful it was. And it had something I was not used to, mountains. When I actually arrived in Roanoke, Virginia, I made sure to ask people of places to see in the surrounding area. I kid you not, no one person, not a single one, failed to mention the Blue Ridge Parkway. In fact, most everybody had that as their first thing to see/do.

Alas, I had just moved to town. My wife soon to follow in the coming months, and it was the winter time. I had not yet gotten into a groove at work yet, and really wasn't comfortable until very recently. Plus my wife and I often work weekends currently, and it's something I wanted to do with her.

DATELINE JULY 29TH 2018 WE BOTH HAVE THE WEEKEND OFF! Now at the time my wife just tells me "Make sure you have full batteries and empty SD cards, because Sunday is surprise adventure day!" She is SO good at doing this. Last time she did that, we got these photos:

This trip was just as fun and exciting as the fall trip. (I am very excited to explore the parkway in the fall). She had a destination in mind but more about that later, our first stop was just this open area right off the initial turn in the Roanoke area.

I had alot of fun playing with the fence for both a foreground and texture. By the way, if you want to take landscape photos, don't ignore the foreground. I felt my photos got a ton better once I started thinking about foreground, mid, and background.

From there we hit SO many outlooks. The parkway is Jam PACKED with outlooks. A real photographers dream. I had a hard time taking some of the photos because it was just a site to see and I kept thinking, How the heck can I capture this feeling. Although I did my best, do yourself a favor and take a trip yourself!

My favorite picture came not from an outlook, not from a tourist stop, but from a little curvy stretch of the parkway, with just enough room to pull over. I wanted to show off the curvy nature of the parkway but also making it feel embedded in nature. This shot really captures the feeling I had the entire trip.


Then the time came, our destination...the Mabry Mill! Which happens to be the most photographed Mill. Or so they said. It's rumored to be used for photos of other mill type things. The history, which was written on the front of a menu at the restaurant, was interesting and somewhat, scattered? But I must say the mill was quite picturesque. It was a little cloudy all day but I still managed to get a couple good ones!

And that was the trip! I had a ton of fun taking pictures on another wife secret adventure. And I know we just scratched the surface and we will be returning to the parkway very soon.

Thanks for all the Likes, Love, and Shares!