One of my favorite things about running a photo booth is just how much people get into it. For them, it's not just a fun thing to do, but something that captures memories. Amy and Angelo's wedding was no exception.


Their wedding was held at the BEAUTIFUL Diamond V Farm in Blue Ridge Virginia. Being that I was not the hired photographer, I made sure to stay out of the way, but I did get this one shot of the barn and it is SO pretty.


EVERYONE who came to the booth came with so much personality! Some were more reserved and wanted to take nice pictures, others RAIDED the prop tables. I wish I could put all of them up here, but I will put up some of my favorites.

Congratulations Amy and Angelo! Thank you for letting me join your amazing family for an incredbly fun night! If you are from the wedding and you do not see one of yours, please email me at and I will send the ones you are looking for!

Thanks for all the Likes, Love, and Share's!