Some couples love to be outgoing! Social! be where all the people are! And some couples just love being with each other.

Ben and Haley were traveling down to Lynchburg, VA from Pennsylvania for a vacation getaway. Ben contacted me because he was planning to surprise Haley and propose to her with the great scenery in Lynchburg as a backdrop. Ben and I had planned this almost two months in advance! And as soon as you plan something, especially that far ahead, life seems to laugh in your face and throw lots of snags into said plan.


The original plan was to take pictures the morning of August 3rd. But as some people know, there was massive flooding in Lynchburg the days leading up to it. So not only did we have to move the shoot to Saturday, but I also found out that Haley had cut her hand very badly (ER Worthy).

I HAD to get a picture with the bangaged hand!

I HAD to get a picture with the bangaged hand!

But as we know our heroes persevered! After a little GPS/Location snafu, we setup near Hollins Mill (where some of the flooding had effected), and then I texted him the location. The original plan was to ask me to take their picture, that proved to be difficult, and after my recent experience with surprise proposals, I felt hiding out was a better way to go.

Ben and Haley were an absolute pleasure to photograph. They were relaxed and easy going. When I told the concept to my wife, she was worried about her crying and makeup running because it was so sudden. We did not have to worry. One of the first things I heard was "I KNEW IT!" Evidently somebody didn't know Kay would send something in the mail for her to find. While she didn't open it, it's a pretty big hint! But hey its all about ...


These two were sooooo comfortable with each other. Lots of laughter jokes, little digs at each other, but it was all smiles. Here are a few of my favorite shots!

Each of these pictures show their personality. The love of dogs, ribbing each other, loving each other, and the lock! The lock shot was so cool to me. It is one of those bridges that instead of carving your name into things, you have something more permanent, and "locked in."

So despite weather, and a rouge wine bottle, Ben and Haley are now engaged and I wish them a VERY happy future, and thank you so much for having me be apart of this unforgettable trip!

Thank you for all the Likes, Love, and Shares!