I was so thrilled to be asked to shoot this birthday party. It wasn’t just about Miranda turning three, it was about family and friends getting together to celebrate a birthday and being together. This party was a unicorn/swimming party which I think should be all the rage!


Everyone welcomed me with open arms and I had no problem asking for pictures or even getting asked to take pictures! Especially when it came to Miranda. While shy, she was very sweet and opened up fairly quick to me once I introduced myself.

I also wanted to take a moment to thank Miranda’s parents. They were running around being hosts but also made sure that I was doing well, along with making sure Miranda had fun!

While I was at the party, I got some great photos from some of the guests!

During my conversation with Betty (Miranda’s mother) She was very excited that Miranda has really gotten into swimming. And I could tell she was having a GREAT time in the water!

I had a ton of fun running around this birthday party, and I want to thank her family for having me!

Thanks for all the likes, loves, and shares!