During Labor Day week, the wife and I made our way to Cincinnati to see family, and to celebrate our 3 year wedding anniversary. Thank you, Thank you! Our adventure started at 3 A.M. on Labor day. My sister Stacey, Tom, and the kids we going to leave Tuesday and we wanted a whole day with them before they left. So 3 AM it was!

Our goal for Monday was to go to the Zoo with the crew, and enjoy the day! We absolutely went to the zoo, and enjoyed it as much as we could. Buuuuut, it was 90 plus degrees in direct sun and high humidity. Even some of the animals were not in their exhibits. So we made the day shorter than we anticipated! Despite the heat I was still able to get a few shots!

While I wish the weather was better, I did enjoy the time I spent with my family.

Now the rest of the activities from the week were not as well documented with pictures. One of the highlights of the trip was the underground tour in Cincinnati’s OTR area. (Over.The.Rhine). We went to lunch with my sister and as we leave I realized that I forgot my camera!

Regardless, the tour was absolutely amazing! We learned about the very beginning of that part of the city and its German roots. To hear about an economy based around beer to then be taken away with prohibition was fascinating. We started our tour at an underground crypt that was created when one of the area’s first cemeteries had to be relocated. The crypt now lies in the middle of a neighborhood within massive St. Francis Church.

After the church, we got to see how in the days of old, before refrigeration, brewers made beer that needed to be chilled!

These were all taken on my iphone. I wish I had brought my camera so that I could do some long exposures, but as I like to say when I’m either frustrated with the shots I am getting or if I don’t have my camera, “just sit and experience this”. And this was definitely one of those moments. I would tell you more stories, but I want to urge you to go experience this for yourselves:


Lastly but not leastly (Not English, but here it is!) I really enjoy taking pictures of my family. It’s a way to show my family how I work and more importantly I am a part of creating a record for people to look back on. The most important part of this trip was to see my sister, Alaina, before she started chasing her dreams. As I type this she is in England, working on her Master’s in English Literature.

While she can be abrasive at times, I don’t know anyone who has more determination and confidence of their own future success. I wish I had 1/8 of her confidence. Watch out world, Alaina Reschka is here.

Its always great to see my family. Every time I photograph my nephew, Graham, something makes it… interesting. Either he has high energy, or has a hard time smiling. This time it was that he didn’t know what to do with his arms. Caroline is such a sweet girl with a grin that shows everyone that she is a force!

My parents are pretty awesome, too. They always offer us a place to stay whenever we need it. My dad watched Jordy for us while we explored the city. They are just great people. Here are some pictures of them!

As you can see, I had a great Labor Day holiday, and I hope you did too!

Thanks for all the likes, loves, and shares!