As some of you may know, I am what they call a Nerd. This can mean many things, but for this special couple, it means I play Magic the Gathering. I met Mason at Odyssey games in Kalamazoo Michigan,  where we would occasionally play against one another during Friday Night Magic. While he wasn’t always there, he made it out when he could and was always polite and extremely funny.

That’s why I was super excited when he asked if I was available for his wedding! Even though I live in Virginia, I was more than happy to make the trek back to my stomping grounds for these two! While I had not met Madison at the time, I was fairly confident we would get along. Shortly after booking the date, I had added her on Facebook and to no surprise, she shared a very similar sense of humor.

The day of the wedding started with an invisible tension. Rain was in the forecast, and it was set to hit right at ceremony time. When I arrived at Something Blueberry Farm, clouds were heavy in the sky from every direction. This, however, did not hide the beauty of the venue. There is a gorgeous barn surrounded by farmland and animals.

While the process of getting ready was going fairly smoothly, the tension of the coming rain was compounded with the officiant had run into car trouble and could not make it. Never fear! Brian, Madison’s brother, gets ordained and the day is saved. Now all we had to do was beat the rain!

Everyone is rushing to put on their shoes, flowers, jewelry, gathering all their belongings, getting into place and...the rain holds. The ceremony went off without a hitch. OK maybe Madison and Mason needed to read the vows off of Brian's paper, but that's nothing!

The reception felt like a big family reunion. People throughout the couples life came out to celebrate Madison and Mason. The father of the bride gave a great speech, including a story about a trip to a Cubs game. The food and desserts were amazing, along a great cake cutting/shoving.

I had an amazing time capturing Madison and Mason’s big day, and I am thankful for all the new people I got to meet, and all the new friendships I formed! I look forward to see their love grow for years to come!

If you have an upcoming wedding or event, I would love to talk to you about documenting your special day.

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