The Couple

Love has many sayings. Love is blind, Love has no bounds, I you love it, let it go, if it comes back you are in love with a boomerang. Joking aside, my point is that love is not black and white and does not have one way it can be. Elizabeth and Corwin are an amazing example of this.

Elizabeth and Corwin both came from previous marriages with a child from each. Both of my parents also came from a previous marriage, so I felt a strong connection to these two. I also really connected with the kid’s Emmy and Lucas, at our first shoot at Center in the Square where I took pictures at Emmy’s Birthday party. She loved going “Hey, what are you doing?” Then running away giggling. Shooting the Birthday party and the rehearsal dinner, really made the day of easier! 

Getting Ready: Elizabeth

Corwin, is a Veteran of the Marines, so what better place to get married than the beautiful Vinton War Memorial! The venue had some amazing open windows, that I took full advantage of for some of the portraits. We started out our day upstairs with the ladies getting their hair and makeup done, chatting, and grooving out to pure 90’s jams! 

The two golden hands are a cast of Elizabeth and Corwins hands, made by Corwins brother.

Getting Ready: Corwin

While the ladies finished getting ready, I made my way to Corwin. As he put on his uniform, there was this aura he gave off. His stature and the way he meticulously put everything together really showed how proud he was to have been a marine. Just as he finished up Lucas, who I am ninety percent sure, is just pure energy, came in to be with his dad. It was a beautiful moment.

The Ceremony

While a big number of ceremonies are similar, this one was made extra special by involving both Emmy and Lucas. I admired how both Corwin and Elizabeth were happy to bring them into their lives and cherish them as one of their own. They demonstrated this with the sand ceremony, helping one another pour sand. 

The container at one point started leaking. A wedding has many stressors and this wasn’t the first thing to well...mishap. Be it God, the universe, or even Steve Jobs, what happened next was hilarious and perfect. The moment the sand was pointed out Siri chimes in with “Everything is ok.” Any tension in the moment was released and the ceremony went off without a hitch.


The Vinton War Memorial has some fantastic spots to take pictures at from the memorial itself, the front steps to the lovely willow tree's on the property.

The cake looked fantastic, the food was delicious and the dance floor was full! The reception started out with the Bride and Groom replicating their favorite dance from Dirty Dancing! Which, did you know was filmed right here in Virginia?

We were also privileged to a song performed by one of the flower girls! The night continued on with dancing, laughter and cake smashing! I want to thank Elizabeth, Corwin, Emmy, Lucas and both families for having me be apart of the fantastic day.

If you have an upcoming wedding or event, I would love to talk to you about documenting your special day.

Venue: Vinton War Memorial

Hair: Grantham Hair Design Studio 

Makeup: Amanda Shockey Rogers with Mary Kay

Dress: Proms Pageants & Pretty Things

Caterer: Star City Events Catering

Flowers: Flowers by Eddie