Every year, my wife and I take a trek down to Ohio to visit My sister Stacey. I myself have been doing this since my first year of college. It was much closer to go to Ohio than the U.P. and I didn't get to see her much! Since then she and my brother in law Tom have had two beautiful children.

These two are basically the best kids in the land. They are happy, intelligent, funny, and just down right adorable. The last couple times I have been down there, I have been asked to take pictures of the kids. Usually I'm hesitant in doing children portraits. I know the feeling of wanting to show what you see in your kids and you want to share your love for them. Which is the exact reason I love taking their pictures.


Graham (A.K.A Graham ham ham, Grahmbo) Is a very energetic todler who has made up his own superhero called "Superhead" It sounds silly, but my god this noggin is no joke. He once headbutted my knee (Total accident). He got up and kept running, and I fell to the ground as if Tyson threw a punch. It didn't even phase him. His favorite things include anything with an engine, rockets, and playing outdoors. Yet under this human tornado, is a kind and intelligent young man, and I cannot wait to see what he does in the future.

Caroline, is one of the sweetest children I have ever met. Not even one years old and you can feel the love and happiness that emanates from this tiny package. When her head cocks to the side, you get to see an infectious smile that would warm any heart. Her favorite things are Mom and Dad, dogs and Pairs of things. While watching a show late at night when she wouldn't sleep, she grabbed both her mothers phone and then my phone and started swiping to see what each would do.


I don't travel much, due to either stress, commitments, or sometimes just pure laziness. Yet every Thanksgiving, I make sure to make my way down to Ohio for great food, great family, and all the love I can handle. There are so many pictures I love of these guys, I will put a gallery below to show you!

Thanks for all the Likes, Love and Shares!