I have begun a new adventure! A lot of job postings online are looking for graphic design/ videographer hybrids. Now I know my skills as a videographer are good, but I never really dove into the world of graphic design. When I started out the jobs were considered more separately. Then my friend told me about this awesome job opportunity that involved video and graphic design, and I couldn't ignore it any longer.

While I know I cannot become an amazing designer overnight, I am determined in this new challenge to succeed and become more well rounded in this quickly adapting world. I asked for some help on some prompts and got alot of great responses.

I sometimes struggle to commit to something when I am given alot of different paths to choose. Luckily I had just finished watching a great little series called Everything is a Remix. It gave me a perspective that I had always thought to be a cop out, to start simple and start derivative. That is not the case at all! You must master the rules, get the simple stuff right before trying to out do yourself. You need to do something first!

So I just started. I liked the idea of a phone lock screen. Why not?! My friend Josh, who works at Western Michigan University, gave me the brand guidlines to get me started. This is what I came up with!

Artboard 1.png

I had another great suggestion from an extremely talented photographer and videographer, Jennifer Berggren, who suggested I create a whole new logo and brochure of services. Why not?! It is me after all, no harm can come of it! I will say I love my current logo and it will be hard to try and top. But again, this is trying to get better not be the best right away. So I did some messing around and came up with these!

Nothing is set in stone but it is progress. If you have any suggestions on things I should try and create or ways to improve my abilities, feel free to comment below or email me!

Thank you for all the likes, love, and shares!


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