I met John in a very unusual way. It was after a high school dance and both of us were the last ones at the high school. It just so happens we both had some very sleepy parents. So we both talked about ourselves, our hobbies and such until we both got picked up and went on our merry way. Little did I know, I would become good friends with all his immediately family. Many days and nights of playing games and having LAN parties in their basement.


Then I went off to college and those fun times subsided, but I made sure not to lose contact. Especially when I decided to pursue media, video and photography. John had been messing with photography ever since I knew him. So he was a great resource when it came down to concepts I had a hard time grasping. He is such a talented person, I was always worried my photography was just going to pale in comparison.

So when he asked me to take his pictures for his website, I was panicked but honored. He let me have access to all his sea of gear. I didn't know where to start! How many lights should I use? what lens should I start with? I wanted to make him happy and proud. Did I get in too deep?


As soon as we starting shooting and all that worry went away. It's that moment where I realized being a photographer doesn't mean you need all the toys. You just need the the drive and creativity to get the best images you can. John has an amazing style and great precision to capture stunning images with his awesome equipment. My joy comes from using what is around me and squeezing the best images out of the camera.


One day I will grow my camera arsenal. For now though, I will enjoy my style and my images. Thank you John for having confidence in me and teaching me so much!

Check out his site here! 

Thanks for all the Likes, Love and Shares.