Thanks for tuning in for part two of my why. In part one I talked about two reasons why I do photography. Because I feel like I'm good at it, and because it shows people who they are on both the inside and outside. Today I want to talk about the other reasons why I do photography: capturing moments, emotions, and color!

While studying Video Production, we learned early on the importance of story, and how it guides the viewer through the entire video. That is also important in photography, but you don't have the aids of movement and sounds. We, as photographers, must use the moments and emotions of our subject to create stories in a single frame. We must create movement and sounds for our viewer to perceive. Is photography easier than video? No, is it harder? No. Each have their own challenges that must be tackled.


Moments and emotions tend to go hand in hand. A lot of times, moments are emotional. This is one of the reasons I want to do more weddings. A wedding day is full of beautiful moments, driven by the emotions of the wedding party and guests. I believe that not every moment has to be sappy; I love to capture people being themselves!

This is Brian and Paula. I was friends with Brian's brother, Curtis, and was asked if I did weddings. At the time I had not done a wedding before, but I was confident that I could. Upon meeting these two, I immediately knew that I wanted to be their friend. They are fun, sarcastic, and highly intelligent people. They are so relaxed with each other, as is evident in the first photo, and they truly love one another. Did I mention they were fun? When I asked if they wanted to pet the goat, there was zero hesitation. It's one of my favorite photographs of all time.

You might know these two from an earlier blog, "Surprise at Sunset." This was the perfect opportunity to really catch someone's emotions in a specific moment. She had no idea what was going to happen. A goal of mine is to do more portraits to capture feelings, to capture moments. To see how comfortable these two were with each other was endearing. Then to see her surprise in her face and body language was fantastic.

Last but certainly not least. COLOR! I love working with color. After learning how to color correct and grade in the video world, I was so thrilled to continue that passion in the photo world. This is definitely easier to do in the photo world. Things are still and easier to isolate, while video is always moving. Now with that said, there is a higher floor for photography. You can go further on a regular basis because of it.

While I have talked a lot about portraits, landscape is a great outlet for wanting to work with color! Colors can be used to convey emotions, frame a photo, or even highlight where you want the viewer to focus. I want to have a big picture reason on why I love color, but I don't! I just love it!

I want to keep telling stories through photography. It's exciting to know this is just the beginning.

I want to hear your why! Tell me why you keep doing what you do, or what you want to do!

Thanks for all the Likes, Love and Shares!